The Cyber Hacks

The Problem With Truth: Privacy & Consent

Episode Summary

We are pleased to welcome back Nina Schick to the podcast. A researcher,author & broadcaster with a specialism in deep fakes & disinformation who has advised global leaders including Joe Biden & Anders Fogh Rasmussen,the former Secretary-General of NATO.

Episode Notes

How we can balance freedom of expression with privacy protections and address these challenges in respect of the rights of individuals?

The second episode will discuss individual privacy issues and risks to ‘ownership’ of biometrics in respect of synthetic media. If everything can be faked and everything can be denied, how do we maintain provenance in the digital world we live in?

Key topics covered in this episode include the protection of privacy rights for individuals, digital biometrics and the moral and legal issues raised around consent. Synthetic media could herald the death of the ‘right to a private life’.